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This Story-gripping Action RPG will put your hearts to the test as you take on the role of Faith, a girl who is forced into a distant world where magic and fairytale exists... However not all is as it seems. This place is known as Levia.

Levia has been left vulnerable to the corruption of Mariasha since the eradication of the Timewalkers in the Great War of Levia, we thought everything was at peace. However since the Timewalkers are no longer around to protect Levia, they are at great risk as the corruption breeds once again.

Check out the Team:

Aziz Arar - Project Leader, Programmer, Music, Pixel Art & UI Art

BlackRoseMii - Character Concept Art

Early in-game previews

The implementation and thought process of the some systems developed:

  • Dialogue System:

    I've created a modular node based Dialogue system which allows me to easily create conversations without any additional scripting.
    I can create branches depending on choices selected, and even allow unique interactions if the player has a certain item or has triggered a certain flag.

    Creating a Dialogue System in this way is incredibly time-saving and also more efficient as the entire dialogue for a NPC is compressed into a single asset.

  • Combat System:

    I've created a Combo-based Action Combat System where alternating abilities such as a Slash and Lunge can create unique combos.

    In the system preview video, the combos displayed are as follows:

    Overpower: 3 Slashes in a Row.

    Gouge: Slash, Lunge, Slash

    Uppercut: Slash, Slash, Lunge

    The combo is activated upon pressing an action after completeling the required combo sequence.